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This Is How You Do a Snow Day

Whether you’re ready for it or not… winter is fast approaching. But before you start stressing about the shoveling, biting temps, and icy roads, here’s something great about winter—snow days. And with the right attitude and planning, you can make this year’s snow days something truly special.

Plan Ahead

To keep boredom at bay, it’s important to plan ahead for the inevitable snow days. They may sneak up on you, leaving you little time to prepare. But if you have a plan already in place for making the most of your unexpected day off from work or school, you’ll have a lot more fun and feel like you spent the hours wisely.

Pick up some new games or puzzles. And stock up on art supplies. All ages can find an outlet for their creative expression—you don’t have to be a kid to have a coloring book and art pens. Download or purchase a new book from one of your favorite authors and resist the urge to start reading it now. Save it for a snow day when you can snuggle under a cozy blanket on the couch with a cup of tea and get lost for hours in the story.

And make sure you have the basics on hand for making cookies, soup, or whatever comfort foods you love to create and fill the house with tantalizing aromas.

Indulge Yourself

This is the perfect day to treat yourself to a special indulgence—a comforting and hearty breakfast of all your favorites: pancakes or waffles, sliced fruit, omelets oozing with cheese and add-ins, and hot cocoa for some chocolate decadence. No guilt today! Every other day of your life starts with a simple coffee and a smoothie as you rush out the door—but not today. This is how to start the perfect snow day—with a breakfast you can cook with the family, take your time eating, and linger over a second cup of coffee.

Relaxing at home in your pj’s and spending a few hours playing a game or working on a challenging puzzle is a well-deserved indulgence. It provides you with a break from the chaos of your daily routine. Put on some background music, clear the table and start working on a puzzle as a family, and let the conversation flow naturally.

The key is to view the day as a gift—not a day to work, clean out the closets, or give the dog a bath. It’s a day to chill and use as a mini-vacation from life. Tomorrow you can get back to being ultra-productive and tied to the clock. But today is a snow day. Clocks don’t matter here. And productivity is frowned upon.

Get Outside

At some point during the day—as long as it is safe to do so—bundle up and go outside. Enjoy the snow—check out how different the city looks under a blanket of fresh snow. Bring your camera and capture the images of branches covered in thin ice, a mailbox almost completely hidden by plowed snow, or how snowflakes cling to shop windows. Take the time to slow down, listen to the snow crunching under your boots, breathe in the crisp air, and feel the warmth of your mittens holding onto a mug of hot coffee as you walk around your neighborhood.

This is how you do a snow day!

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