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Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Not only is it rewarding to grow your own herbs, but it’s also delicious! Fresh basil, thyme, or rosemary is so much tastier than wilting cellophane-wrapped herbs from the store. And when you buy in bunches, they tend to go

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Choosing the Right Artwork for Your Space

You’ve unpacked the last of the moving boxes and arranged the furniture. And your new place is starting to look lived in. But it doesn’t quite feel like home yet… something is missing. What is it? Artwork! What you choose

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Succulents—So Much More Than a Houseplant

Succulents have soared in popularity in the past year. Maybe it’s due to the fact we spent more time indoors and looked around our home and realized it was … well, boring. So, we added artwork and pops of greenery

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Take a Virtual Museum Tour

Stuck at home and feeling uninspired? Mentally depleted? Wishing you could travel the world again (or even your own city) and feel excited about discovering something new and interesting? Then now is the perfect time to take a virtual museum

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