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Make This a Summer to Remember!

COVID-19 may have changed how we will celebrate all things summer, but it doesn’t mean we have to let summer slip through our fingers without a fight! There are a multitude of activities that can be enjoyed safely in small groups of family or friends — or even solo! Keep a positive attitude, plan ahead, and get out there! Make this a summer to remember.

Need a little inspiration? Here’s 3 fun things to try this summer that are close to home and great for all ages:

Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is an excellent way to get outside with the whole family taking part. First, decide on teams. Will you work together as a family and compete against other family teams? Couples against couples? Let friends or neighbors know about your scavenger hunt and ask them to sign up to compete. Once you have the teams organized, it’s time to develop the concept or theme for the hunt. You can brainstorm your own list of people, objects, activities, signs, etc. to capture a photo or video of. Or, there are hundreds of scavenger hunt lists online to use. Try to think outside of the box to really make it challenging and appropriate to the ages of any children involved. Here are a few examples: a cat in a window, a shredded basketball net, a selfie with a squirrel, a tombstone with “N” as the first letter of the person’s last name. Don’t forget to inform everyone of the time limit, how to submit their photos, and of course — award the prize!

Be a Tourist in Your Own State

You don’t have to travel far at all to find new adventures — your own State has so much to offer and you’ve missed out on it because you were traveling to other places around the country or the world. Now is the time to think local — and see your State’s gems through the eyes of a tourist. State Parks are a great place to start. Day-use fees are usually inexpensive and some parks are pet friendly. There are hiking and biking trails just waiting to be discovered as well as hidden beaches, lakes, and rivers that are begging for you to come swim and paddle. Already a seasoned kayaker or love to canoe? Then challenge yourself with learning how to paddle board this summer! If you’ve never tried camping (or even glamping), then this is the year to do it. Campgrounds are an ideal setting to enjoy seclusion, immerse yourself in the outdoors, see wildlife up close, and meet new people. And don’t forget to visit local farm stands and famer’s markets this summer and support your local growers and artisans.

Host a Small Social Hour for Your Neighbors

If your building has a shared outdoor space available, host a few neighbors (keep the group small and adhere to social distancing) and enjoy a quiet evening of conversation and laughter. Each person can bring their own food and drink. You can suggest a food theme or perhaps a signature summer drink for everyone to try making. Can’t use the common areas in your building at this time? Simply move the gathering to a park or similar setting where you can spread out. The key is to catch up with your neighbors, or even get to know new ones, in a relaxed, casual setting and have a good time. Summer nights are the perfect opportunity to chill with friends outside under the stars!

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