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It’s Easy Being Green! – 6 Simple Steps

tree-402953_640Something as grand as saving the earth can sound so daunting! But it doesn’t have to be! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step or maybe six simple steps. Here are some ways that you can lessen your environmental footprint without feeling like you’re taking the whole world on your shoulders!

6 Simple Steps

1. Repurpose Old Clothing or Purchase Repurposed Pieces
Local and handmade are en vogue. You can be stylish and save the environment all at once! Read more about up-cycled fashion here and here.

2. Stop Receiving Junk Mail
Good news! There are two easy ways to drastically reduce junk mail from arriving to your mailbox while killing two birds with one stone! Eliminate the waste and the nuisance! Find out how here.

3. Eat Local Food
Shop at your local farmers market, choose restaurants that offer a locally sourced menu, and try growing vegetables on your balcony or patio. You can even grow your own herbs on a sunny windowsill. Find out more about eating local here. Read about growing vegetables on your balcony here and here.

4. Replace Paper Goods With Reusable Fabric Ones
Instead of using paper towels for cleaning your kitchen use fabric. Peruse thrift shops to look for cloth napkins or if you have a sewing machine you can repurpose old clothes by turning them into cloth napkins with the help of this tutorial. Find out how to make your own Swiffer cloths here. If you aren’t into crafting, find a local or handmade option to purchase.

5. Stop Buying Plastic Sandwich and Snack Bags
Instead of buying disposable plastic sandwich bags, try a reusable option like these.

6. Stop Buying Bottled Water
Instead of buying bottled water, use a reusable water bottle. Not convinced? Check out this video, The Story of Bottled Water, here.

See? It’s easy being green! Choose a few of these ideas to implement and begin taking baby steps toward the goal of a cleaner, greener planet! 

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