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Décor and Dessert Ideas for This Thanksgiving Day

Now that summer is a thing of the past and fall is upon us, so is the holiday season. As of today, there are 22 days until Thanksgiving, 54 days until Christmas and 60 days until the New Year! With Thanksgiving only 22 days away there is much to prepare for from getting the house clean for guests to preparing the much-anticipated Thanksgiving dinner.

To help with the chaos, here are a few décor and dessert ideas for Thanksgiving Day festivities.

When it comes to setting up the kids table or sending people off with left-overs, ideas for these two can be limited. Below are a couple of ideas you can implement this Thanksgiving.

  • Kraft Paper Tablecloth – A fun and easy tablecloth idea for the kids table. They get to draw all they want and make a mess without ruining your favorite holiday tablecloth.
  • To-Go Bags – When the night is over, often times you scramble to find bags to send your guests off with left overs. This year be prepared with to-go bags. Not only are they cute but they solve the issue of what guests will carry their left-over food in.

For more, check out Country Living’s Thanksgiving décor ideas.

The other half of Thanksgiving Day revolves around dinner and more importantly desserts! Whether you are the next master chef or simply a holiday baker, continue reading to find a dessert that is perfect for your skill level.

Classified as easy bakes these desserts are so easy to make that you don’t even have to bake a one of them.

These desserts are considered intermediate bakes. A little more work goes into them but your guests will surely appreciate the effort.

There you have it, a few ideas for your Thanksgiving Day festivities. Enjoy!




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