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Celebrate Earth Day by Making Easy Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Changes

Earth Day is April 22. You might be one of those people who say, “Every day is Earth Day!” Or, you might be the type who forgets to recycle. Either way, take a moment to think about your daily habits that could be having a negative impact on the earth.

By making these minor lifestyle changes, you can make a big difference.

Recycle – This is an oldie but an important one. Surprisingly, a lot of people still don’t recycle. Cans, plastic, glass, and paper can all be recycled, so easily. Just have a separate trash can in your apartment home for recyclables. Most communities have a recycling service that picks up or a convenient location to drop off. Don’t be lazy, recycle.

 Reusable straws – A lot of communities are implementing a ban on plastic straws, and for good reason. Plastic straws make up a huge chunk of the pollution we see in oceans. Invest in some reusable stainless-steel straws and keep them in your apartment home, car, and even your desk at work. They are an inexpensive and a simple thing you can do to help the earth.

Reusable bags – You used to be asked, “paper or plastic?” at the grocery store. But now you’re being asked if you even need a bag at all for your groceries. A lot of communities charge extra for bags at the market to encourage people to bring their own. Plastic bags are also a huge contributor to landfills and pollution in the oceans. Plus, they are incredibly harmful to wildlife. Using reusable bags is a small way to do your part.

Pick up Trash – When you’re out at the beach or in the woods, or anywhere in nature, and see trash laying around, just think about the animals who may ingest that trash or be harmed by it. It’s such a small thing to do – grab some gloves and throw it in the trash bin. Don’t just brush it off by thinking, “Well, it’s not mine, so why should I pick it up?” If you want to make a difference, just pick it up. And if it’s your trash, get it to the bin every single time.

Turn off the Lights – Conserve energy by turning off the lights when you leave a room, running your appliances in the evening, and limiting your water consumption. Just be more conscious about how you use energy in your apartment. It’s one of those everyday things you can do to make a difference.

Educate Yourself – Earth Day is the perfect time to attend some fun festivities in your area and educate yourself on environmental matters. Protecting our environment should be important to everyone, and it’s so easy to make a few lifestyle changes to do your part for future generations.


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