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3 Simple Steps to Organize Any Closet

An organized closet has tremendous power—not only can you or your children actually find the items you need, but an uncluttered closet can reduce stress and create a sense of calm.

But closets are tricky… even if they start out tidy, they don’t tend to stay that way. So, if it’s time to tackle your out-of-control closets, here are three simple steps to help you get started.

Step 1: Clean EVERYTHING Out

The first step in regaining control of your closet is to clean everything out. Then evaluate every item—decide whether or not you still want it or need it, forgot about it, and whether it stays or gets donated.

Once your closet is empty, take a few minutes to wipe down the walls and baseboards and clean the floor. Now that you have a blank canvas to work with, you can take measurements and start the fun part: designing your new closet.

Step 2: Design Your Closet for Optimal Organization and Storage

No matter what size your closet is, there are closet organizers to fit your space and budget. And they can do wonders in creating usable space and storage solutions.

Here are a few essential closet organizers:

Matching nonslip hangers—protect your clothing and optimize the shape
Drawer and shelf dividers—keep items separated and easy to access
Shoe storage—keep pairs visible and display your collection
Multifunctional hooks—organize everything from belts to bags to umbrellas
Closet lighting—illumination for easy access and finding items way in the back
Baskets or hampers—tuck away dirty clothes until laundry day
Wall mount shelving—take advantage of space above hanger rods
Jewelry drawer—keep necklaces tangle-free and never lose cufflinks or earrings again

Step 3: Maintenance

You’ve completed the work and are contentedly admiring your beautiful, newly organized closet. Now, how do you keep it looking this good?

It all comes down to regular maintenance—taking a few minutes each day, an hour each month, and a thorough cleaning each year.

A few minutes a day can yield huge results when it comes to keeping a closet tidy. Make sure you carefully hang clothing, fold and stack sweaters so they don’t topple over, put shoes back in their assigned space with their mate, and put smaller items in cubbies or drawers.
Once a month, take an hour or so to go through each closet more extensively.

Pro tip: When clothing is folded correctly or placed on hangers properly, they take up less space.

Schedule a thorough yearly cleaning of each closet. Use this time to discard any items you realize are simply taking up space but serve no useful purpose. Have a positive attitude and get others involved. Make it fun. Put on some music. Take before and after pictures. And celebrate your success with a fun night out.

You can win the battle of the cluttered closet wars. Pick a date, clear out, clean, and start organizing!

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